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Hero 4 Silver not turning on or charging

Just got home from vacation.  I used my GoPro for pictures and video with no issues.  Went to plug it in today and it won't turn on.  GoPro has no indication that it is even charging.  Left on the charger for about 30 minutes and when I went to turn GoPro on, it was VERY hot.  I have literally used this product 3 times.  Any ideas?!  I have already tried removing the battery, removing the SD card, using a different cable, EVERYTHING!  

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Re: Hero 4 Silver not turning on or charging

Sorry to hear about what happened, @royalcave04642. Sorry to hear about the trouble. The power issue in the camera is correlated to either the charging fault, USB-C cable, battery problem, or the camera itself. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions that will help resolve this issue:


If the issue persists, our Support team at will be able to assist you with the next steps.