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Hero 4 Silver bricked for no reason

So... my hero 4 was purchased Feb 2015 along with accesories and all sorts. I spent about $600 on the initial purchase. 

It stays in it's case and has been taken care of like a newborn baby. 

It is now bricked. it will not turn on, it will not charge. I have tried multiple batteries, different sd card. I have tried plugging in to 3 different pc's and laptops. I have tried plugging into wall using many different usb chargers. I have tried all this using different cords as well. there is no lights coming on, no noises, nothing. Yes.. the batteries are charged, no it has not been dropped, submerged, damaged, dinged, nothing. I have tried everything that i can see online. I have even used your handy chat feature. I was told basically, sorry it's past your warranty there is nothing we can do for you but here take a 20% off your next purchase... kind of upsetting there... 

my question is; is there anything that gopro (as a multimillion dollar company) can do other than waive my sales tax on my next purchase? that is, if i decide to go with gopro again just for it to die for no reason. I get it, things wear and tear but if i had known the shelf life was not even two years and some change, i really would have considered a different company. so, are there any tricks you can recommend? any better coupons? maybe a referal to a camera that will last. Kind of funny that an action camera designed for extremes breaks for no reason just filming my family. L.. oh.. L. 

anyway, as far as i can tell there is not a solid fix for whatever firmware issue is causing this (on mass). Anyone have advice? it is worth noting again that this camera has been extremely lightly used. now, had you offered me an extension on that warranty i sure would have taken it since i prefer to not keep shelling out hundreds upon hundreds if avoidable.