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Hero 4 Black - video out through mini USB port

In which firmware version has the video out through USB been taken away?

And more importanly can the hero 4 black firmware safely be rolled back to a previous version that has video out through USB, or can it be done at all?

Since some people had got an email answer from Gopro themselves saying that if you try loading an older firmware the camera will get bricked, but at the same time looking online people seem to rollback without any problems?

So which is true? Or can it be that the rollback bricks cameras in some cases and that the rollback succeeds in other cases?

I would appriciate some answers and input so i know how to move forward.
Im in the process of buying a used hero 4 black and the only reason i will use the camera is for FPV flying and aerial video, so its cruical that the video out through USB works on the camera.
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Re: Hero 4 Black - video out through mini USB port

I have no issues at all, been flashing  back to any and up to any in any order, as long as it is  the H4B firmware.  whick oneI go back two firmwares.

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Re: Hero 4 Black - video out through mini USB port

Okay good, so you can jump down several versions in one go?
Then i wonder why Gopro talks about the camera being bricked if one tries to downgrade? Maybe they are trying to make people not to downgrade?

Is there a link to the old hero 4 black firmware that has USB video out through USB?

And do you know up to to which firmware version the USB video out still worked?
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Re: Hero 4 Black - video out through mini USB port

Update: I bought the Hero 4 Black and it had the latest .05 firmware, but it seems it has the video out through USB.
But sometimes its a black screen, but that seems to have to do with un which order things are connected/started?

But its not nessecery to do the fix suggested by Gopro where you start video recording and then connect the USB or something simular to that.

So it seems its only some gipro's with the later firmwere's that hasnt video out from USB, or maybe video out has come back in the latest firmware?