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Hero 4 Black White Balance problem

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with Hero 4 Black - it changes its White Balance sometines in darker light conditions very randomly. It fluctuates form pink to purple and gets quite dark.
Does anyone knows how to solve it? Maybe some firmware swap?
I will be very thankfull for Your answer asap:)

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Re: Hero 4 Black White Balance problem

Hello, @swiftjump31215. If you haven't yet, try doing a manual update to clear any possible issue with the current firmware. The steps under Manual Update here Software Update Instructions for HERO4 Cameras will guide you. Let us know how it goes. 

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Re: Hero 4 Black White Balance problem

In very dark conditions it could be just the camera trying to figure out the best setting, it's seeing a lot of noise from the sensor and it's thinking that's the actual image trying to be recorded and it's adjusting based on that.


This is why sometimse it's better to use manual settings instead of relying on Auto all the time especially when shooting in more challenging conditions.