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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

@mattb Here are 4 examples I found immediately by just searching "gopro helicopter" on YouTube that are out in the nature, with absolutely no electric devices around:

I did send them together with lots of additional test-videos (that have been inside) to on April 13, nevertheless "Alex A." from the German support wrote back on the same day I still have to do an additional video outside, otherwise he would not be able to help me. IT'S RIDICULOUS!!! If you experience this issue inside, it's there outside as well! IT'S GOPRO'S OWN WiFi ALONE and the non-existent or awful shielding of the mic (that sits directly next to the WiFi-chip) that causes this sound!!!

On April 14 I wrote another mail, explaining that there's too much noise outside, it's spring and the birds are twittering as hell, also there's a sound-level from a street even though it's far away, but both lead to a lower sensitivity of the mic and as a result the recorded volume and the helicopter-noise is less noticeable, but still there! I can't search and travel to silent places outside just to record another of those senseless videos, I really did spend way too much time for all this already, if I would invoice this time, it already would exceed the price of a new Hero4 Black...

I did send another test-video INSIDE MY WASHING MACHINE instead:
Explained that it's in my bathroom, the mashine probably will shield external signals in addition and that there's no other electric device apart from a lamp on the ceiling.

My case is 02038415 [ ref:_00Do0HJuF._500o0CbvsX:ref ]
Please organize somebody caring about this, it doesn't matter if this person anwers in English or German, I'm fine with both. But just ignoring me isn't a good idea as you can see here, it makes everything just worse and worse...

I need recordings without popping / thumping / flutter / pops / throb / clicking copter WiFi noise flaw / problem / error / issue! Shots with a GoPro4 black with Protune setting in the woods, away from any electrical interference and noise. Starting and stopping the shots with the original GoPro ...
Uploaded by No name yet on 2016-04-14.
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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Also please simply read the comments on all those helicopter noise YouTube videos as well as in forums and amazon reviews, there are hundreds like this!:


"Am having major issues with the helicopter noise I am on my 3rd gopro 4 silver and the last one came direct from the factory and they told me it had been fully checked. What a load of rubbish it's still got the helicopter noise. They have asked me to do loads of tests with different phones and in places where there is no wifi etc to get in the way of the unit. Well I have done loads of tests now and I end up with the same issue time and time again it's doing my head in now."


This really can't be how to deal with customers!

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

@mattb I don't have a problem with you so far, you always seem to be interested to SOLVE the problems here. Therefore I give YOU the chance to save GoPro's ass now. But this really is the last chance...

Alex A. from GoPro support wrote me now, he did send me the test-video from the USA that should prove that my camera is flawless. But IT ISN'T!

I explained him that there's a background-noise from a ventilation (I guess), overlaying the helicopter noise in the US-testvideo. But nevertheless the helicopter noise also is there, just less audible because of your testing-environment simply is USELESS for this kind of test!

I wrote him a long explanation, did send him an amplified version of the audio-track of the US-testvideo as well as an audio-track from my garden in the night, where at least there are no birds twittering anymore, but there also is a background noise from a street, even though it's far away, but it's a similar problem as with the US-testvideo, it's overlaying the helicopter noise, making it less audible. Those testing-environments are useless or at least much more difficult to hear what we are actually searching for: The helicopter noise.

I asked him to check my recording in the washing mashine again, explained that the helicopter noise will be noticeable even much more if you normalize the volume of the audio-track (just like it's done in serious video-editing and only oriented on the amplitude of the voice).

Now his reply was: "We can't replace your camera, because according to our tests it doesn't show any faults. Your camera, according to our standards, IS IN PERFECT CONDITION and therefore can't be send in for repair."

I again replied that this is NOT normal and that the camera is NOT "in perfect condition"!!! And that I've just proven that the testing-environment in the USA is useless.

Also that I had a Hero 3 Black and a Sony ActionCam before, and both of course had absolutely NEVER any additional error-noise with WiFi turned on! And the first Hero 4 Black replacement that I got even was fine! - Regarding the SOUND at least, it had no issue with the helicopter-noise at all, so there really also are Hero 4 Black units out there that don't have this problem. But I had to send this unit back because it came with scratches on the lens! Now I got a unit with exactly the same helicopter noise-pattern again, that I complained about in December 2015 already.

I wrote he should think about his answer a second time and that I will post my analysis and his reply in the forum in the evening, if he doesn't change his mind. Got no further reply...

Now here we are, CHECK OUT MY COMPARISON VIDEO of the GoPro USA test and my test with the same camera, as well as the test of the 1st camera I did send in. This makes everything absolutely 100% clear, I'm right and GoPro support is wrong!

This really is the last time I waste my precious leisure for this crap. It's going on since December 2015 now, I don't want to write a single word to Alex A. anymore, it's useless, waste of time and pure stress!


- I immediately get a flawless replacement! (flawless sound with WiFi as well as a flawless lens!) YOU send it to me first (you have all my data), I don't send in mine first again and wait without having a GoPro for multiple weeks a 3rd time. Put a RMA-label and RMA document in the package, so I can easily send the faulty unit back afterwards.

- If you aren't able to do proper tests in the factory or in the USA, simply send me a box with 10 or 20 cameras and I'll do the testing on my own!

- Or you send me 399€ and I'll order a new Hero 4 Black from Amazon Germany and play the replacement-lottery with them (which is much faster and way easier than all the hassle with GoPro support!)

If you deliberate about everything again, GoPro should even pay me a compensation for how I got treated and all the useless crap I had to do again and again!

I don't waste any more energy in trying to explain and cooperate with GoPro - if you don't agree with one of the 3 options above I'll concentrate all my energy in FIGHTING AGAINST GoPro from now on, making sure as much people as possible world-wide get to know about what's going on and trying to create the most financial and reputational damage to GoPro! Using social media, YouTube, forums, writing and commenting on Amazon reviews in several countries, make bloggers and traditional print media write articles about this issue and how GoPro treats their customers...

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Hey Andyh,


I am really sorry you are being treated like this by GoPro support.


I am really susprised, there are so many videos online that show the exact SAME noise in completely different situations. 

I also did a quick test of the same room with and without the WIFI and I get the same identical noise when the WIFI is on.


I suspect that GoPro are having a hard time identifying which batches do not exhibit the problem so they try to get away with as many customers as possible.


I asked Amazon for a replacement yesterday as my camera also had another problem:


If the new camera has the same problem with Audio I will ask support to send me a tested one. If they fail to do that I will make a very detailed video of the problem and post it on our very popular Youtube channel. Then I will return the camera for a full refund to Amazon which has impeccable service.


I really feel your frustration. I think all users that experience this should tell GoPro. I am sure they will have to take action sooner or later.

As a new customer I am surprised on how many problems such a popular product has. I thought that DJI Osmo had problems but they now seem pretty smal compared to GoPros.

Fingers crossed for the replacement. 


Hope your requests are met and you get a working GoPro.

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Thanks for your support and understanding @Anonymous. Every human being with common sense and not being deaf really should have understood now that my unit has the same helicopter noise issue and needs to be replaced - but NOT my personal "friend" from German GoPro support...

@mattb I got a new reply from Alex A. 1 1/2 hours ago, he tells me they can't utilize my video in the washing mashine, and that I should do another one, outside or far away from a router in the flat! The noise is IDENTICAL with the one from december, recorded in the kitchen. Now I deliberately went into the bathroom (that is fully tiled) and chose the washing machine in addition, to have a location far away and probably even shielded from any external signals! Also did send the audio-example from my garden at night, explaining that it makes it harder to hear the helicopter noise there, because of the noise of a street - similar to the ventilation background noise that prevents proper testing in GoPro's testing-environment! Also did send him and posted here enough examples of other persons proving that it's the same issue outside!

I'm DONE! I did spend FIVE MONTHS and 26 e-mails to GoPro support now, including countless senseless tests that never would have been necessary!!! If the content of those mails are the own decisions of Alex A., fire him immediately! If he just acts like this at the direction of someone else, fire the responsible person!

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Hero 4 Silver that I just got does the exact same!!!


Best analogy I can think of is the helicopter noise.

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

I've been having the same "helicopter" noise as everyone else using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver while using an external mic with the WiFi turned on. Using the camera with the mic in quiet rooms, I just set up the shot as best I can and make sure WiFi is turned off, but I noticed that someone previously said that they use the recommended Sony ECMCS3 mic and have no issues with the noise while the WiFi was turned on. I was mere moments away from ordering one from Amazon, when I realized I should ask the important question: Does using this mic really work? Even though the Russian guy has proven that the problem lies in the shielding around the WiFi antenna, can using the GoPro recommended mic really work even if the lack of shielding is the problem? 


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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Hi all,

I didn't read every post in this thread. But @Anonymous is absoluetly right. GoPro is just stringing everybody along.

I'm in the same situation and you'll find lots of other people if you do a quick search.
I'm waiting on my fourth replacement. All 3 replacements had this WiFi problem.

When I received my THIRD "tested" replacement from California, my caseworker also told me the camera was fine.
He told me it's White Noise. It's excatly the same sound as on the other replacement, which were giving a RMA without any issue.
I send him an other video, to which he replied he might hear it slighty. Asked me to do an audio test with certain instructions.
Send a video with the WiFi off too. After review from the US team, I was given another RMA.

I'm now waiting on the fourth replacement, it's been 2 weeks since they received the camera I send back.
Asked for an update, caseworker told me they currently have a stock shortage but I'll have it soon.
It's bull**bleep**. They're just waiting for someone to send in a faulty camera so they can send that one to me without fixing it.

They obviously stopped producing the HERO4 line because of KARMA and the new HERO.
So now they have a shortage of working cameras. So they're just selling the old faulty cameras and sending those as replacemens too.

@Anonymous if you think I can help you somehow, let me know. I've documented everything from my first RMA. Saved all emails and chat conversations too.

Oh and, it's a hardware issue.