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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

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You love your karma.
Wonder if you have any experience with any of the good drones?
Wonder if perhaps ignorance is bliss?
Wondering how you wound up on this page if you were not having problems.
Wondeing if you participated in the first Karma recall or if you just kept your head in the sand?

if you have any interest in removing the fog,
google karma reviews in youtube.

Crazy what information is available for people who like to know stuff.

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Yes, 3DR Solo, Phantom 3, Phantom 4. I find all aerial videos boring (like looking out a plane window in a long flight). Love the versatility of Karma. Good drone. Not the best, but if it had, what would have been the cost? Too many fools spending $1,000+ for a device that can only do aerial fottage and is limited by weather, environment, and laws.

I guess it could be, but luckily not in my case.

Originally came here because of issues with GoPro Studio and wanted to learn tips.

Yes, had the first release of Karma. It flew great, no issues. Got a free Hero5 because GoPro is a great company that does far more than competitors for it's customers.

Don't need to YouTube something I own.

I have checked the DJI forums. Wow, so many issues with Mavic. Crazy how many people have their heads in the sand about that drone.