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Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

My Hero 4 is fine when not using WiFi, but when using the app via WiFi a weird helicopter type noise is recorded. I have made a 45 second example...



Is this a known issue, and can I do anything to stop it or does it require me to replace my unit?



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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Hmmm. Very interesting. This I've never seen before. You might be lucky your GoPro comes with warranty, and this would qualify as a defected product. You can contact the Support team, and they'll set you up to get a new one. Here is the warranty page, and support page. GoPro Warranty Page: GoPro Support: Hope that helps.
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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

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This SHOULD be a very well known issue to GoPro, but they don't seem to care much about and always reply as if they would have no idea about it. Only solution is to send it back and get a new one (but they don't even check them, so maybe this step is needed several times!). Please also see:

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

I am also experienced this issue for the first time.

I can hear very annoying helicopter sound when I record with the Wi-Fi with external microphone!

GoPro is a cool camera but it has been giving me a lot of problems since the day I purchased it. They need to fix all those issues or decrease it.
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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Hello everyone,

I sent the below message to the GoPro support team and thought I'd share it here Aswell:

I did few test regarding this issue.
Fortunately, I purchased one of the recommend GoPro External Microphone which is the "Sony CS3"


and I was Surprised to see that the problem of background rattling noise was not there when WIFI was turned on.
But when I use the "Edutige etm 001 external microphone " which is supposed to be suitable with GoPro according to them. Here is the link
the background helicopter noise comes on.
However , the noise does not come on when wifi is SWITCHED OFF.

In Summary :

When the GoPro 4 Silver Wifi is off,
Everything is fine , no problems with anything.
So the only issue appears when Wifi is enabled.

When the Wifi is on using my Sony CS3 Mic , it's fine , no problems at all

However When I turn on wifi using the Edutige microphone as mentioned above ,
The annoying constant clicking or helicopter background noise comes on.

And by the way just to let you know ,
I do use Gopros official 3.5 mm Mic adapter to connect my Mics.

I also made a Quick video demonstrating this.
Here is the link :
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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi


I mentioned in my previous post that only when the external microphone is plugged in with wifi, the audio problem arises, I was wrong!

I just noticed when the Wi-Fi is on,
You can still hear the clicking background noise without the external microphone plugged in but on a reduced level!

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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi

Hi @abdullahh374


Thanks for posting about the sound you're hearing when your camera's wireless function is turned on. I'm glad to see you're working with our Support Team on the issue! Please feel free to keep us updated and let us know how things turn out as your support case continues forward. 


Matt B. 
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Re: Hero 4 Black Noise issue when using WiFi


The solution to my problem was by using a mic recommended by GoPro.

Luckily I had one of the recommended Mics and it didn't have the helicopter noise no more.