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Hero 3+

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I have 2 hero 3+ black cameras one stoped working so I got another one to use and planed on sending the broke one in for repair. I came reset the password to sync. Camera to app. I’m using the reformatted sd card from the old camera. I’ve gone to chat with support agents 3-4 times to no avail. First they said Internet explorer wasent compatable when I told them I was using chrome they tried to say I needed to use safari when I said hold on let me get my Mac out I got disconnected then I want back in this time it was my internet connection when I Told them I had fios. I got disconnected then I went back in and they were telling me to send a pic of my sd card and sent me an expired link. When I told them the link was expired I got disconnected now I get back to them and there saying to send a screenshot of the folder I’m putting on the address card. When I ask how to screenshot on a laptop guess what happened. I got disconnected. Now I’m starting to see a pattern. So what I’m doing to solve the problem is I’m selling 2 hero 3+ black cameras with 3 battery’s a charger one remote one mic. 3 waterproof cases 2 not waterproof cases 1 selfie stick extendable 1 selfie stick that floats a chest mount a wrist mount a head mount and a **bleep**load of the regular stick on bases and mounts I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. Oh a dog mount that takes 2 cameras one on back one on chest. Anyone have any idea what to ask as far as price?
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Re: Hero 3+

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Hello @gopro-joe


Sorry to hear about all that. I do not  know about pricing but I can help with the camera Wi-Fi name and password reset, that is if you still would like to give it a try. I do not have information regarding what may have occurred to get all the chat lines disconnected but I will surely report this to the Support team. Hope to hear back from you. 


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