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Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop


    My hero 3 white has got itself stuck in a boot loop. Only way to stop it is to remove battery. It worked fine this morning, nothing has changed. 


Tried to reset it via power and shutter buttons - it doesn't stay powered on long enough to reset. I tried a manual firmware update - Same problem. It starts to read the update then restarts a second later.


Any ideas?



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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

I got hold of a card that was on the compatablity list and got back in touch with support. They have now run out of ideas other than to try and sell me a hero 7.

What a joke.


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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

Hello @fireysurf85335. To verify, were the update files copied to the SD card for the update process, or was it the update folder? You are on the right track if you have copied just the files. The update process takes a few minutes, at which duration the camera will restart on it own, and power back on to the normal launch screen. See if you will be able to get to this point if you go through the steps again. 


If not, it would be best to get in touch with our Support team for further assistance. You may reach them by phone or chat through . 

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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

Looks like i'll have to get in touch with support then. I copied the files to the SD card. SD card or not, turning it on gives a beep, leds flash, and then the LCD turns on for a second or so, then it cuts out and starts again. With the SD card in, I just about see "Updating" on the screen before it turns off and starts again. 

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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

Well that was a fantastic waste of time. The conversation went something like this -


Me: *outlines the problem*


Support: Hmmm... What card are you using?


Me: There was no card inserted when the problem began. 


Support: Here's a list of compatable cards, is yours on the list?


Me: Well, no, but...


Support: We need you to try with a compatable card, yours is not supported.


Me: But we know it isn't the card... There wasn't even a card inserted... Assuming we prove it isn't the card, what would be the next step?


Support: You need to try it with a compatable card before we can investigate further.




I'm not about to go spend £30 on a new card and wait for delivery just so you can move on to the next step. I needed this for the weekend but clearly that won't happen. I'll be returning the camera and staying well away from any other gopro products in the future. If this is how flakey the mature products are, it doesn't bode well for the newer ones.

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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

@fireysurf85335, were you able to successfully reinstall the update in the camera? Did you get a check mark on the front LCD screen, indicating that the process was successful?


You mentioned that with the SD card in, the camera flashes "Updating" on the screen before it turns off and starts again. If the update reinstallation isn't going through, this could indicate that the SD card currently used isn't able to keep up with the camera's speed during the process. It is advisable to get a recommended SD card to ensure that you get the optimum functionality of your camera.


Without the SD card inserted, can you test the camera using a secondary battery (if available)? 


In addition to this, still without SD card in, try to connect your HERO3 camera directly to a power source without a battery inserted. Then power the camera on using the Mode button and see if you still get the same results.


Let me know how it works for you. I look forward to hear back from you.



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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

Hi Ann, 

            No success with the update. No second battery unfortunately. I get no life whatsoever when I plug it in without a battery.


Here's a video of what's happening -




Uploaded by Jamie Moulton on 2019-04-05.
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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

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It has not frozen during use or startup after the latest firmware update. Hero2 lens piece that was easily prone to getting scuffed or scratched because it stuck out 

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Re: Hero 3 white stuck in reboot loop

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Hi @fireysurf85335


Thank you for sharing!

This appears to be an issue on the unit itself. Though the camera recognizes the update, it's not able to complete it due to the camera not being able to power ON correctly.


Please reach out to our Support Team to check on your options.

Let them know of the troubleshooting steps taken or you may also refer them to this thread.