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Hero 3+ not switching on

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Hello, My Hero 3+ is not switching on and i tried all the basic checks such as connector, charging the batteries as I have dual battery charger and also by connecting with  the PC. there is no light coming or blinking. Please guide me what to do. I am worried as I have bought nearly all the accessories including back panel and remote.





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Re: Hero 3+ not switching on

First, be sure you have gone through the steps in this post

If that doesn't resolve the issue, take out the SD card and battery. Press and hold down the top shutter button and replace the battery. While still holding down the top shutter attempt to power the camera on. If the camera does power on, release the top shutter after it has completed booting and then turn the camera off. Replace the SD and power on. It should be working fine.

If none of the above work, contact the GoPro Support Team (this is a member to member support community, NOT GoPro Support).

You can reach the GoPro Support Team via Chat or Phone using this link

If the Support Team is unable to resolve your camera's issues, they will give you options. One of the options you might want to consider is using the camera for a Trade Up
The HERO3+ Black is a nice camera, but it is nowhere near as good as the current GoPro cameras.

If no options are suitable for you, and only AFTER you have reached out to GoPro Support, there is another option you can try.

Remove the SD card and Battery
Wrap the camera in a paper towel and then put it in a sealed bag
Place the bag in your freezer for a few hours
Remove the camera and let sit for about an hour and then wipe off any condensation
Place the manual Update folder on your Blank SD card and then place the card into the camera
Insert your battery and then attempt to power on (You may need to try a couple times, increasing freezing time).

If that doesn't work, you can see about replacing your motherboard. You can find the parts and instructions here
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Re: Hero 3+ not switching on

Thanks. I tried all possible way on warth but its not switching on. I know there are better ones available in the market but I bought dual battery charger, two batteries, back LCD panel and all the accessories which may not be compatible with the newer version. I use so many cameras but don't know why this piece started malfunctioning with no official repair centre in India. Let us see.