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Hero 3+ black - Frozen on when powered on

Hi there


My go pro 3+ is now frozen.  I have tried to update software by placing the files in the microsd card and then back into the camera but no success.  I have tried 3 different batteries and two different sd cards.  The camera worked flawlesly for a few years but now it powers on but then none of the button (mode button or shutter or blue tooth button function).   Help

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Re: Hero 3+ black - Frozen on when powered on

Hi @nicerange82671,


Make sure to follow these steps as it can be a bit tricky with the way you put the update files onto the SD Card:

  1. Reformat your microSD card in the camera with the Delete ALL/Format function in the settings menu.  If you're unsure of how to do that, read these instructions on how to reformat your microSD card in your camera. NOTE: Please ensure that you save any wanted footage on your SD card prior to formatting; this process will delete all videos/photos on the card. 
  2. Power off your camera and eject the microSD card.  Set your microSD card aside.  In the steps outlined below, you'll need to drag a folder from your computer to your microSD card.  Find your 'microSD card to USB adapter' or your 'microSD to SD card adapter' and set it aside for later.  
  3. Download the update, which will download the UPDATE folder to your computer.  Note - if the UPDATE folder is zipped once you download it to your computer, meaning that you see "" instead of "UPDATE", double-click on it so that unzips to give you the UPDATE folder.  

Note:  PC users may need to create a folder called "UPDATE" and move the contents of into this new folder.

  1. Connect your microSD card to your computer using the adapter you set aside in step 2, then drag the UPDATE folder to the root level of your microSD card.  
  2. Eject your microSD card from your computer.  
  3. Make sure your camera is powered OFF, then insert your microSD card back into your camera.
  4. Power your camera ON.  In a few seconds, the camera's screen will flash "UPDATING" with a picture of a down-arrow and a camera to indicate that it's updating.  It'll power OFF/ON 1-2 times, and show a message saying "UPDATE SUCCESS".

The UPDATE SUCCESS message means that the camera successfully re-updated.

  1. Lastly, it is recommended to reformat your microSD card again in the camera so that you start with a fresh card the next time you use your camera.

Let us know how it goes!




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Re: Hero 3+ black - Frozen on when powered on

Hey Ryan


I really appreciate the response.  First of all I cannot reformat my microSD card in the camera.  The camera powers on but I cannot change the modes or use the shutter button.  both of these buttons do not work.  the screen shows how much battery I have and how many videos I have on the card.  Regardless, I erased everything from the microSD and loaded the updates on the microsd.  I then placed it in the camera and powered it on.  It beeps a few times but the screen never indicates its updating.  BTW a few weeks ago I updated the hardware and it worked so I doubt that this is an issue. 


I have also tried updating with a different SD card and nothing works.  I have tried 3 different batteries with the same result.