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Hero 3 all flie sizes 4kb/hidden

Hello I had a few videos and pictures taken yesterday and went to edit them only to find out that they are corrupt/compressed? All the file sizes are 4kb and they where also marked as "hidden file" under the properties of the files it's self. The SD card itself is fine as there was about 15 pics/videos of old videos that worked and I took a video right after all this to see if it worked and it did. Not sure what happened yesterday or if they is something I did wrong? Can I recover the videos I took yesterday? How do I make sure this doesn't happen again?
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Re: Hero 3 all flie sizes 4kb/hidden


Hi @hardyvista80474


What SD card are you using?

We do not have any preferred methods of data recovery as this may vary from SD card manufacturers of the preferred methods for recovering your data.

However, you may be able to perform a Google search to find various data recovery options to recover the footage that had been lost. Yet, please do your research on whichever data recovery software is best for you as it may require activation of the software and there may be varying costs.

Additionally, I must warn that if the files are currently missing on the microSD card to not record any new photos and or videos with the card that had been used. This will overwrite the  files that may have been on there to where it would not be possible to recover. 

I do recommend to reach out to the SD card manufacturer to further troubleshoot the SD card.