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Hero 3+ Reset...wifi or factory

I have forgotten the wifi password for my hero 3+ black long ago. I have followed GoPro's firmware and wifi update with no luck, several times. I have even walked through it step by step on the phone with GoPro's customer service. I have seen this is a frequent issue, but have not found anything quite like the issue I am having.

Funny thing is, the wifi name has never even updated no matter how many different names I have tried.

I have tried what I think is a factory reset by holding the record and power buttons down at the same time, but still no update to the wifi name.

I started this process on v1.04 and now have the most current firmware v3.03. Any smart folks out there who have seen this? Any help would be much appreciated. What's a camera good for if you can't see what it is looking at?

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Re: Hero 3+ Reset...wifi or factory

Hello @epichero1583. There were 3 options - Wi-Fi Only, Firmware Only, and Wifi and Firmware update. Which update type have you selected on the update page? Have you tried using Wi-Fi Only? If this still will not work, please contact Support again so they can help with the next steps. Thanks! 

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Re: Hero 3+ Reset...wifi or factory

Also, just to add to what @mariustanya explained, you might want to do a camera reset before and after a manual update (you should first try Wi-Fi and Firmware followed by Wi-Fi Only). To do a camera reset, remove the battery and SD card. Hold down only the top shutter button and insert the battery. Keep the top shutter pressed down and then power on the camera. After the camera completely powers on, release the top shutter and then power off the camera. Do this three times initially just to make sure the reset worked. After that, do both updates (Wi-Fi and Firmware and then Wi-Fi only). Once done, do the reset again.

Keep your camera name and password simple. Do not use goprogopro or goprohero. Even as simple as "mycamera" & "mypassword" will suffice. Nobody is going to try and remotely hack your camera.
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Re: Hero 3+ Reset...wifi or factory

Thank you all for your responses. I first tried the firmware only to update to the most current version. I then did an unsuccessful wifi only update. Then I tried firmware and wifi update. I have repeated this process several times with no luck.


Daniel, I tried this reset this morning along with a firmware and wifi update. I changed all names and when I turn on the wifi for the camera it remains the original name.


Any other ideas?

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Re: Hero 3+ Reset...wifi or factory


Hi @epichero1583,


Please try to contact our customer support team via phone or chat.


They can assist you with that.