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Hero 2 not working

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Hello, I have a Hero 2 that has stopped working suddenly and not sure why. The battery doesn't seem to be a problem and I've tried the extra battery on it as well with no luck. No water damage or drop of any kind so not sure what the problem could be. Couldn't find an email for customer service to ask this but maybe someone could help me out here? Thanks
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Re: Hero 2 not working

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Well being that the camera is about 8 years old, it's probably reached the end of it's life.  I have a Hero 2 that thankfully still works, but at this stage the rubber coating on the body is starting to disintergrate, no doubt the circuits inside are probably degrading too.


You can always try to contact gopro customer support here:


But at this stage, you may be better off taking advantage of the GoPro tradeup program and sending in your old GoPro for a discounted new GoPro Hero 7.