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Hero 10 2 issues, not solved by latest FW to extend battery life in dive case.

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I got the Hero 10 (I have the 7 and 8 as well). I like the camera, but I am disappointed about the battery life.
I use the camera in the water with the dive case.

- issue 1: I wish the latest FW update would allow accessing the presets with the 2 button click also when the front screen is turned completely off. But it is not the case. the preset shortcut only works when the front screen is on.
The front screen uses power, since the battery life it is not great, turning the front screen off and accessing the presets would help a lot when diving with the Hero 10 with the case.

- issue 2: I wish the hydrophobic coating was also on the front element of the dive case, as I shoot above and below water, often shots are ruined by droplets. I will not risk the Hero 10 in salt water without a case.
The camera has water repellent coating on the front element. The dive case should have the same feature.

issue 3: Hero 8: i wish there was a FW update that would give it presets visible on the rear screen when in a dive case. The presets are visible only on the front screen and do not show the fps and resolution.
Hero 8 also should get an update to get NATURAL COLOR, less saturated, it would make it easier to edit it with the Hero 10 footage without using FLAT mode.

Thank you.

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Re: Hero 10 2 issues, not solved by latest FW to extend battery life in dive case.

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Hi @stefpix


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