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Help with a good drone for go pro!

New to drones but looking to get some good footage with my GoPro 7, not necessarily looking for a drone with a camera since I’ll be using the GoPro attached to drone. What’s a good drone (not crazy expensive) far as features
Go.. i want it to have the follow me feature and be able to return to starting location Incase something goes wrong or battery starts to die.
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Re: Help with a good drone for go pro!

Hello @supersurf46116. The Karma drone has follow me feature through Auto Shot Paths . It returns to the location where the Controller is when you select the "Return to User" option. More landing options are described in this article



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Re: Help with a good drone for go pro!

You will absolutely not find a better deal than the refurbished Karma Drone system.

As this will be your first drone, be sure to read through this entire post before flying (any drone)
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Re: Help with a good drone for go pro!

Thanks for input, i my concern Was since it’s discontinued .. at some point down the road, how hard is it gonna be to find parts or work needed done once issues occur?
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Re: Help with a good drone for go pro!

Hi @supersurf46116


Though GoPro has exited the drone market, we will still continue supporting Karma users/customers.

You may also check out other/stores channel for parts.