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Help me GoPro!

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3 things.


1.  I log into your website.  Then to make this post I have to log in again.  ?? Annoying. But...on and iPhone when you click "New Message" it takes you to the login screen and when you login it takes you back to the main menu and when you click support and find you way back here, it asks you to login again, which takes you back to the main menu...repeat, repeat, repeat...has no one tested this from a phone?


2.  I've seen this issue on here before and it was never resolved.  I recorded in portrait.  I add telemitry.  I save in 1920x30 as it recommends.  The video is distorted as others have reported.  Any resolution yet?  Last post I saw was 4 months ago.


3.  What is the Distance for controlling GoPro 7 Black with iPhone 11?  If I mount it to my front wind sheild a couple feet away it works fine.  If I attach it to my front or rear bumper I lose connection.  Super frustrating.  Can it really not reach half the length of an M3?


10 years ago I was teaching a racing clinic.  My GoPro was attached to my rear fender of my bike and was facing behind me.  Somehow the latch came lose, the cam wiggled itself out against the wind pressure and was destroyed.  I contacted GoPro.  You asked me how fast I was going.  I said 154mph.  Your reply said "We don't cover it over 150mph."  I wrote off GoPro and haven't been back in 10 years.  

I decided surely 10 years later, this was a much more advanced and better company...please please prove me right.


ps:  8th day using new goPro a rock hit the top corder of my screen and cracked it.  this time only running 84.  The new cams do not have a casing to protect them.  ??  Anything you all can do about that?


Thanks for a speedy reply,


Shannon Carpenter

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Re: Help me GoPro!

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Re: Help me GoPro!

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Bluetooth devices can  talk to  one another  with LOS no problem a good 100 plus feet , I do not do meters.  Wifi the same.   Once you start adding a Object in between its OVER!.


you can have your phone on the dash, the camera on the front bumper that Engine  is Blcoking the signal.   I  simply tested two products out. one failed to  connect within ten feet, the other 30 ft.


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