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Help: My GoPro Hero 5 formatted my memory card



I recently went on a trip to Ladakh, India. I had a GoPro Hero 5 with me which was mounted on a car and Nikon DSLR. GoPro had a 32 GB Scan disk memory card and the DSLR had a 32 GB Samsung Evo memory card. On 25th August, the GoPro memory card was filled completely and there was no alternate. Hence, I swapped the DSLR memory card with the one in my GoPro.  The DSLR memory card at that time had around 700 photos. On inserting in GoPro I found that it had around 90 minutes of recording time left indicating that rest was occupied by photos from DSLR. I went on to record around 60 minutes on the DSLR memory card through my GoPro. 

However, 2 days later when I connected my GoPro to my Macbook I could only see GoPro's pictures and videos and none of my DSLR's pictures. I removed the memory card from GoPro and connected it via a card reader and still I could only see GoPro's pictures and videos indicating that all my 700 DSLR photos were deleted. Since past few days I have been trying to use various recovery software to recover my DSLR photos but with no luck.

Has anybody ever faced such a situation before? Any idea how do i get back my DSLR photos?


Thank you

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Re: Help: My GoPro Hero 5 formatted my memory card

So you're saying a  gopro camera  automatically formatted a  card when you placed in?


  If     you  use another product like a sd card slot to see all files, gopro will not air or show in their camera other  photos or videos .


gopro  does not format cards if asked of ownership of many years here never did that happen to me

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Re: Help: My GoPro Hero 5 formatted my memory card

If your camera was set to looping then I guess it might be possible (although not plausible) that the camera overwrote the image files it didn't recognize as GoPro. Other than that, I have used SD cards that had data on them in my GoPro cameras and for the past six years I've never had a camera delete older files or format a card without me manually instructing it to do it.

I'm not trying to challenge your post in defense of GoPro, but rather to point out that perhaps the files either did not reside in the card when inserted in the camera or perhaps they were transferred/deleted by a different means.

Depending on the resolution, fps, and whether or not Protune was on, a 32GB card with nothing on it will only give you about 1 - 1.5 hours of recording . For example, 2.7/60 can record about 1 hour 6.5 minutes on a blank 32GB card. This sounds like what you saw when you inserted the card.

Unfortunately, even if the camera did format or simply overwrite the photos, I think you're going to have a hard time restoring them. There might be some paid software out there, but none that I'm aware.

BTW, the Evo is not a very good card to use in your GoPro camera. I understand you were using it in a pinch, but you should really try to limit your cards to this list

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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Re: Help: My GoPro Hero 5 formatted my memory card

if you  record over an existing files the only file will be saved are the ones at the end not the beginning as they are  going to be  taken over by new files.   Data recovery   all can be found online while we all own gopro, you think they  have one.

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Re: Help: My GoPro Hero 5 formatted my memory card

Normally, GoPro Hero 5 would not automatically formatted your Samsung Evo memory card. Maybe you need to try more professional picture recovery tools, such as SoftHow Photo Recovery, which had helped me retrieve a lot of pictures and video files from the SD card.
However, if your SD card was truly formatted by your GoPro camera. The 60 minutes of video you lately filmed would likely overwrote the missing 700 DSLR photos. Once overwritten, the lost DSLR pictures will completely gone and can not be restored.
Good luck!