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Help! My GoPro Hero 4 Grainy Videos

My GoPro Hero 4 is shooting very grainy videos. I shoot in 1080p 60fps and I edit my videos on Adobe Premier Elements. All of my settings are default. I tried Protune before and the videos were worse. I also have lowlight turned on auto. You can watch this video on YouTube to see the quality. I have been working on it and it has gotten better but still a bit grainy and blurry. I know the video is 13 minutes long and I only have 6 minutes of video. And I also know it’s not full screen. These were editing mistakes on my part since I’ve only made a few videos so far.
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Re: Help! My GoPro Hero 4 Grainy Videos

Please refer to your other post where solutions were offered (and promply ignored).  Your most likely culprit is your video editing software being set up incorrectly.  Ignoring the useful advice that was offered and reposting the problem in a new thread in order to get different answers is pretty bad form.  

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Re: Help! My GoPro Hero 4 Grainy Videos

@irishmanpdx I messaged the admin and that replied but he didn’t respond so I made a new post with all the answers that they were asking so I could get a straight answer, instead of people asking my resolution and editing software again.
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Re: Help! My GoPro Hero 4 Grainy Videos

Maybe you can give me the source files and I can try something. Do you have them?