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Having trouble downloading videos to iphone

Hello From Nepal! traveling and Shooting some fun stuff with the Gopro. 

Now when i tried to transfer videos to my Iphone it does not work anymore. It just sais: Calculating... then either  "Canceled" when the loading is complete, or sometimes half way through. Or sometimes i get the message "Couldn't Download media, This file could not be downloaded" "Failed, Request timed out" ? 

It used to work like a charm. Once in a while i can download clips that are shorter than 25sec. 

when trying with Videos that are longer it seem to loose conection. 


What ive tried so far: to update/reinstall the app, no updates on the gopro has shown up. I've even tried with the automatic upload via Cloud with GoproPlus, and that doesnt seem to work either. (perhaps due to low wifi conection)

Any Ideas on how to fix this, or is the wifi/bluetooth damaged in my gopro?


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Re: Having trouble downloading videos to iphone

I would start by resetting the camera and deleting it from the app and your wi-fi bluetooth.  Using the rear Mode/Power button, cycle through until you get to EXIT.  When you do, hold down the shutter button until the option to factory reset comes up.  Delete the camera from the app by opening the app and going to cameras.  once there, press and hold on the picture of the camera until the option to delete comes up (this is on Android, but I assume it's the same for iPhone).  Open your wifi connections and find any instances of GoPro cameras and delete them.  Check your list of bluetooth devices and forget any that are associated with GoPro.  Delete the app and restart your phone.  Download and install the app.  On the camera, go into connections mode and choose connect new.  On the app, press the plus sign for the app to auto detect the camera.  if it does not, it will prompt you to choose your camera.  After doing so, you should have a good working connection again.

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Re: Having trouble downloading videos to iphone

@loyalcreek56174, in addition to what has been suggested, ensure that your phone have enough free storage space to save the new media contents onto the internal memory of your mobile device. Also check if you have the updated version of GoPro App installed. Let us know how it works for you. Thanks!