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Has the Time lapse file bug been fixed yet?

I've been having the issue where my time lapses are chaptering to very strange lengths.  Generally a shorter than expected chapter followed by a 1 second video, then another short chapter followed by a 1 second chapter, repeat ad nauseum.


I've found a couple posts on here that are about a year old with things like 'it'll be fixed soon' or 'we're reporting it to that team' and I've never seen an official response past that.  Granted I have a session 5, so I pretty much don't expect it to get patched that far back, but I certainly won't be buying another GoPro until this is fixed as I am wanting to do mostly time lapses with it now and quik is pretty much useless to edit those files back together properly (I'm sure it's possible, it's just 100x easier to just use anything else).


So yeah, is there any update at all on this obnoxious bug?

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Re: Has the Time lapse file bug been fixed yet?

I am not sure if gopro ever gets back to their bugs and issues and reports its fixed or not you simply have to come back and check in time to time gopro will be working on the new camera, more important then this small one

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Re: Has the Time lapse file bug been fixed yet?

While that very well may be true; it's bad practice and a bit of a middle finger to customers that a known bug isn't fixed in old versions when it is fixed in new versions.


Software is flexible and while the fix may not be trivial, you buy a lot of good will from your customers when you address their problems; especially one that multiple people are having.