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Has FW 1.61 been pulled ?

I am trying to update my GoPro Hero 7 Black to 1.61. So far, ALL the update channels are failing to download the firmware.


 - Android app: After connecting the camera and starting the update, the app remains on the loader at 0% and a red screen complaining about internet connectivity issues blinks from time to time (Galaxy S7 Active, Android 8)

- Quik on Mac. Quick remains stuck on the downloading firmware screen. Looking at the Activity Monitor, there is no network activity, the firmware is not downloading:

 - Manual update through

   - On Google Chrome, clicking Next Step does nothing. There's a loader and then nothing, it doesn't go the next page

   - On Safari, pressing Next Step returns an error payload: 

{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Register Camera Error"}

As absolutely ALL the available channels are failing, I am wondering if the FW is available at all. Is anyone currently able to update ?

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Re: Has FW 1.61 been pulled ?

Just checked works perfectly for me, FW1.61 downloading no problem.  


Maybe try another browser, make sure you have serial, email, clicked for the permissions etc. 

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Re: Has FW 1.61 been pulled ?

Downloaded it two days ago and its working for me.

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Re: Has FW 1.61 been pulled ?

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  works as  Itype      desktop  I checked see if that link gets you the DL