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HEVC with 1080p , 720p and 25/50 Hz.

Hello everyone,

is it possible to record within HEVC standard with resolution 1080p and 720p and typical refresh rate?
I think it's more over than possible according to new chipset (Hero 6) specification.


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Re: HEVC with 1080p , 720p and 25/50 Hz.

I don't fully understand your question. Mainly because I always think of refresh rate as a display of video signals and frame rate as being the way video recordings are encoded. Are you asking if it's possible for GoPro to create 1080p or 720p HEVC encoded files with a frame rate of 25 or 50 fps? If so, then yes I suppose they could, but since HEVC hasn't been universally adopted yet, I don't think we will see it for another couple years.

I'm probably way off in my response so feel free to educate me. I always love learning something new.