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HERO8 timewarp gauges, possible or coming?

When I shoot timewarp 2 video at 5X from my HERO 8 it says I cant use gauges.  However I can use gauges, like speedometer if I capture normally then speed up the video to 4X.  Is the data in the timewarp video that I can use with some other application, or will gauges be coming in some update?  There is a huge disadvantage to battery life and storage space if I shoot long distance rides without timewarp.



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Re: HERO8 timewarp gauges, possible or coming?

You need to make sure you have established a GPS lock before shooting.  GPS Gauges with Timewarp is only available on the GoPro mobile app.  The QuiK app for windows doesn't support GPS gauges for the Hero 8 pretty much at all.


Here's a clip below that shows a timewarp car journey that I did where I added GPS data to my Timewarp video using the mobile app for Android.