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HERO8 Overheating & pin/mount

I had 2 gopros running on a soundstage last week for behind the scenes footage. One was a HERO5 and the other was the HERO8 which I purchased this month. I've used the HERO8 for about 2 weeks now. The HERO8 has been used with the Media Mod attached but it overheated while on the soundstage! I could not get half as much footage on the HERO8 due to the overheating and waiting for it to cool back down.


Secondly, I am fighting to get the thumb screw out of the mounting hole when the media mod is attached. The design is not great on the media mod for removing it from the case and I feel like the mounting feet are going to break when I am struggling to get that dang screw out. Anyone else having an issue with this or is it just me? I'd like to buy another HERO8 bundle and 2 monitors (when it's available to purchase).

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Re: HERO8 Overheating & pin/mount

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @quickpike25466. Make sure that a recommended SD card is used for your camera. Using SD cards that aren't recommended can cause issues like freezing as the card isn't fast enough to write the content, the camera getting hot or battery consumption is higher than normal as the camera stays in an active mode trying to sync to the card. 
Reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can also help correct any errors with the current software installation. Using an SD card adapter, connect your microSD card to your computer and follow the Manual Update instructions specified in this article: 

Additionally, performing a factory reset in the camera may help.

As for the Media Mod, the long thumbscrew will hit the bottom of the part of the Mod, but it should lock in securely. We appreciate your feedback about removing the thumbscrew out of the Mod. We'll share the details with the team.