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HERO7 HDMI output problem

Hi. I'm having a problem of HDMI output from Hero7. Here's the detail:

I want to attach a HERO7 to a drone, which has a short range video link(DJI SRW-60G transmitter and receiver) designed to avoid the interference between cable to gimble movement.

Through this video link, I used a video capture card(megawell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2) to convert HDMI to USB so I can do some image processing on an onboard computer attached to the drone.

When I try this combination using a handcam(not GoPro) everything worked well:

  • handcam(micro HDMI)--(HDMI)transmitter--receiver(HDMI)--(HDMI)capture card(USB)--(USB)onboard computer

I can see image from the handcam on the onboard computer and everything looks fine.

However, when I connect GoPro Hero7, there's no signal anymore. Although HERO7 was in HDMI output mode(back screen is turned off and front screen shows output icon), the video link showed no HDMI device connected. 

  • Both HDMI output works well (I tested output to a monitor and to a monitor through videolink without capture card)
  • Videolink is good too(output to a monitor through videolink without capture card was tested)
  • The capture card works fine too on both camera(tested)

All tests were run in same setting of HERO7. And the firmware is updated(1.90).

I really don't know what part is going wrong here. Everything seems worked well individually.

If anyone have(or don't have) some experiments using GoPro with videolink or capture card, any advice is grateful!