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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

On your computer go here
Choose, "Update your camera manually"
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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

Can someone check crop % on GoPro hero 6 when enabling video stabilization?

On mine it’s 10% sw 1.60 ...

I so somme videos on YouTube where the crop procentage it’s 5% when enabling video stabilization...
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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

where is the problem ? 

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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

The problem is that my hero 6 crops 10% instead of 5% ... please check your and let me know....
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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

Updating from sw 1.51 to v01.60 video stabilization crops 10% ... on 1.51 was 5% can everyone confirm?
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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

mine crops to 10% also

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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

I went biking today for the first time on 1.60 and I sure as hell didn't see much at all of my handlebars, so it definitely crops more.

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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

hi all,


@blondu we discussed this in a different post, Ryan @ryanv12566 passed the info to the developers.... I see no other responses there...


@tomj53881 @blondu all....I'm afraid we are right... somehow the crop is now the same as in Hero5, so 10% if correctly stated for Hero5.


I tried, when we talked about first time, to measure the actual crop. I found hard to estimate.

I tried against the kitchen wall, with those square faiences, ... somehow the result was scary... 

after all what is that 5% or 10%?

measure of surface?... or only one dimension reduction?

or the angle of the image?

if angle, is the horizontal angle or the diagonal angle?

and in which FOV? superview? wide, linear?...and so on.....


is it bad that crop increased to 10%? maybe we asked for...


my view of EIS stabilization is:

a crop is made from the entire surface of the sensor, in the centre.

as long as the movement of the camera can be compensated by the movement of the cropped area inside the entire area, stabilization works.

when the movement is too steep, with a larger amplitude, if the cropped has to "move" more than the entire area, it is not possible to compensate the movement, so the image "jumps".


if we want less "jumps", we have to accept more crop, to give the camera the chance to compensate.



EIS works fantastic till the cropped area, between frames, remain in the entire area. 

this leads to another known behaviour:

- in low light, when the shutter speed is 1/25 1/30 ...meaning 1/fps, the chance the crop area to exceed the entire area is way greater...because has more time to do it....and the stabilized image looks jelly.


I keep saying, in life and in technology everything has a price...


just me,