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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

Hey @robert1326,


I just followed up with our Camera Team again and this is what was passed along.


"We changed the wording from 5% to 10% to more accurately reflect what is happening -- 5% crop on each side. We look forward to updating the online manual in the near future!"




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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

@robert1326 Regarding whether 5% or 10% really matters. What matters to me is I paid for a finished product with 5% crop and EIS. Not for an unfinished product where EIS was so poor(ly tested, or released knowing it had issues) that crop had to be increased 2x. That’s all.

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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

@ryanv12566 thank you! appreciated!


have a good one!



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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

[ Edited ]

@tomj53881.... I know the feeling.


still seems that the crop percentage remained unchanged... 10% or 5% on each side is the same...


after all the v01.60 did not address the EIS...hope in a next firmware release....



  • Improves camera performance when recording in high frame rates of high resolution modes
  • Fixes split screen defect in 2.7k60 Linear FOV and 4k30 Superview FOV
  • Reduces image noise in high frame rate and high resolution modes
  • Improves image quality in low light environments
  • Adjusts color saturation to prevent  over-saturation in certain conditions
  • Fixes visual defects in 1080p240 during playback on iOS® and macOS® devices in certain conditions


  • Reduces the time required for media to load on the camera and GoPro app
  • Auto Low Light now works with Quikcapture



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Re: HERO6 Black v01.60

After all I find GoPro hero6 to be way better than hero5 ....

I love image stabilization on hero6 i don’t care if it’s 10% or 5% ... it’s better than any camera on the market.

I just wanted to be sure how much it crops:)