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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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if actual firmware is ok...why the should release a new version ? 

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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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Agreed. I understand that some people still report issues, but I use mine pretty regularly and don't have any problems. There may be another update, but I certainly don't expect one.
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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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I have stayed with fw 1.60 since day one of ownership.  Afraid we will see just one more and that will be the end of this camera.

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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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I would say there are still bug issues to improve on the Hero 6, but they almost certainly wont be fixed. Also 1.6 is far better than 2.01 in my opinion for visuals. Both stabilisation and picture is better. But the 2.01 has less bugs so it's a compromise.
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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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I stood by with her 2.01 and the truth that he contented pretty.. Even he has some bug but the quality of the video is very good
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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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As long as it works that is what counts.

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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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L'aggiornamento ha peggiorato la stabilizzazione invece di migliorarla e quando si vanno a regolare i settaggi con Protune il tutto e decisamente sfasato specialmente quando c'è poca luce ,il valore iso va a mettere un velo che diminuisce la definizione e i colori dell'immagine.Preferisco rimanere alla versione 1.60 effinchè gopro riconosca i problemi per poi risolverli o meglio migliorarli .


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Re: HERO6 Black Update! v02.01

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hi @pasqualet5727,


for starters, I hope you made a manual update to 2.01 when you tested it.


1.60 has very aggressive in stabilization.

2.01 made some adjustments, see bellow:


HERO6 Black v02.01


  • Enhanced low light performance
  • Fixed frame corruption bug in 1080p120 videos
  • Reduced purple/blue fringing in videos
  • Video Stabilization improvements:
    • Enhanced performance to look more natural
    • Upgraded auto exposure to reduce blur in medium and lowlight shots
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) improvements:
    • Reduced colour distortion
    • Automatically turns off HDR in lowlight conditions to prevent noise
    • Automatically turns off HDR to prevent blur if there’s too much movement in the shot


in low light, stabilization has a very hard task, as the image lack of information (visible details) used in the algorithm.

to me the 2.01 is more ok in stabilization, even in low light. since 2.01, I do not touch PT, even in low light.


but it is a matter of taste, meaning we, each other, are using the camera in different conditions.

if stabilization in 1.60 is more suitable to you, I'm glad.


if I were you, I would not expect major updates in a future 2.x release (if will be...), related to stabilization.

instead, I would test different PT settings for low light, you will find one that suits you better

- colour FLAT

- iso max 800

- fixed Shutter (1/2-1/4 from the fps)

- white balance - native

- etc....




just me,