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HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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The battery of my brand new GoPro HERO6 Black drains the battery at a speed that makes the camera unusable in practice.


First experience/use:


- Battery was only charged at 84% at start of activity, even though the camera had been charged overnight

- Smart remote was connected

- Display timeout 1 min

- Auto Off: 15 min

- Camera was in standby most of the time

- less than 10 minutes of capturing footage

- Battery was empty after 1 - 1.5 hours


After that I checked the forums, and encountered that battery drain on a GoPro is often related with the uSD card (which doesn't seem to be a problem for most phones ...). That day I used a SanDisk Ultra 32GB uSD card that I had bought specifically for the GoPro, I found that it isn't supported by the HERO6 Black ( With the information on that list I spent some more money and got an officially supported SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 32GB card.


With the new card I did some more experiments:


Some related settings:


Default mode: video

Voice control: disabled

QuikCapture: enabled

Auto off: 30 min

LCD brightness: 30%

GPS: off

Screen saver: 1 min

Firmware: HD6.


1. WiFi enabled, no remote, battery level 100%, camera idle

  Battery level was at 87% when the camera shut off after 30 min.


2. WiFi disabled, battery level 93%, camera idle

  Battery level was at 78% when the camera shut off after 30 min.


3. WiFi enabled, with remote, battery level 93% (often 100% is not reached ...), camera idle

  Battery level was at 68% after 35-40 minutes (camera didn't shut off after 30 min).


4. WiFi disabled, no uSD card, battery level 100%, camera idle

  Battery level was at 86% when the camera shut off after 30 min.


So even without the remote the battery looses about 15% of it's charge in 30 minutes when the camera is idle, even more when the smart remote is connected. There is clearly a problem either with the camera or the batteries (I have two, both show the same behavior).


Quite frankly I'm shocked about all the reports about battery draining, when I spent the extra bucks for a product from the market leader I expected something else :/

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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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No reply from GoPro? Works as expected? Smiley Sad

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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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You posted on a member to member support site so generally you will not get a direct response from GoPro. Responses mostly only come from members who either share the same concern or have experience with the issue and chose to respond.


As far as the battery drain, yes, when the camera is on you can expect the battery to drain at about the level you are experiencing.  For this reason, it's usually best to use Quick Capture and not just leave the camera on idle.


Regarding the battery fully charging, be sure to run a manual update of the firmware (even if you are on the latest update) and when done, go into preferences and do a factory reset. It might take a few cycles of discharging and charging but the battery should be reaching 100% when charged with a wall charger and not connected to any devices such as a Smart Remote.  

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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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Thanks for your reply Daniel!


My primary use case is kayaking, where I don't have the camera necessarily withing reach, which is why I got the remote. It is disappointing that such a battery drain is expected, especially with the remote connected. I read that it can help to power off the remote while not using it, apparently that let's the camera go into a deeper standby state from which it can still be woken up when switching on the remote again. I'll experiment with that, hopefully it will be a more reasonable experience.

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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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Turning the camera off with the remote should also work.  I don't think you will want to turn off the remote though.  I'll have to play around with it when I get a chance, but I'm pretty sure you will maintain battery by just powering off the camera with the remote when it is not in use.  Another option you have is using voice commands.  With the Hero6 you can turn on Wake with voice.  Turn the camera on and then give the command to turn off.  You will be able to turn the camera on by voice or even wake to recording.

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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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How would you turn off the camera without turning off the remote? I use the "Power/mode" button to switch off the camera, which also switches off the remote.


My workflow is now as silly as this:


1. switch the smart remote on

(1.5: wait for multiple seconds until the remote and the camera found each other)

2. start recording with the remote

3. switch the remote off

4. switch the remote on

(4.5: wait for multiple seconds until the remote and the camera found each other)

5. stop recording

6. switch the remote and the camera off


This works in terms of battery life, but is not very practical.


I think GoPro screwed up royally by always using WiFi for the remote connection, which has significantly higher power consumption than Bluetooth (especially Bluetooth Low Energy). In my understanding they even use Bluetooth to setup the WiFi connection, and then switch over to WiFi. What for? To achieve a larger range than with Bluetooth, which probably only 1% of their users ever need? If they really want to support an extended range they could have made it optional, allowing their users to choose between the extended range and a decent battery life. Or switch over to WiFi auto-magically if the Bluetooth peer suddenly disappears.

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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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Hi @matthiask6845


Thank you for the information you have shared.


We appreciate your thoughts on this. If this is a feature you'd like to see in the future, you may leave it as a feedback using this link.




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Re: HERO6 Black: Battery drain

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I have had so many of these hero 6 blacks sent back for RMA. My latest is CRAPOLA. Battery drain issue on mine as well, and it is the gopro, not the card, and not the battery. Tried with card out, camera off, charged battery in gopro to 100% and in 4 hours of sitting with the camera off, dropped to less than 50% battery life. Took same battery and put in my hero 5 black and charged with no sd card, and same battery, and at 99% after 4 hours. Junky hardware gp1 chip, or whatever else is inside of these. Wifi is not on, or any other thing I can find that could be draining these. I am at a major loss with these. Gopro will not even do the right thing and give you your money back. They just keep sending you junk gopro hero6 blacks with the same issues.  I would prefer a fixed product, or money back, but this is painfully obvious that won't happen.