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HERO6 Black - Audio volume constantly drops

I recorded my band playing a show last night usingf my Hero6 Black (2.7k, 30fps, ProTune). but watching the footage back today, it's kinda ruined because the volume keeps changing - it'll drop in volume by maybe 30-40% every 10-20 seconds or so when the band is playing.  It's almost like there's some sort of built in noise limiter. 


In between songs when the band isn't playing, the volume goes back up.


The WAV files on the SD card all seem to be a consistent volume, it's just on the videos.


Is there something wrong with my GoPro, or is there a setting that can be changed?  I can't find any audio settings in the camera other than  the Wind/Stereo selection.

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Re: HERO6 Black - Audio volume constantly drops

Hi @guitarblokr


On the LCD screen swipe left then look for Manual Audio Control.

Change the settings between Wind/Stereo.

Do a couple of test recordings and see it makes a difference.

Let us know how it goes.
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