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HERO5 Firmware Update Fails and Receiving Unable to Import Error

I'm a new GoPro user and just downloaded the GoPro Quik software (version on my iMAC in order to import the HERO5 videos from my vacation.  There are two issues...


1.  Quik says "No Files to Import" but the camera is properly connected via USB and there are 16GB of new files on the SD card.

2.  Have "Updates Available" message for version 2.60, but am receiving a "Could Not Complete Update" message with a reference to contact customer support.



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Re: HERO5 Firmware Update Fails and Receiving Unable to Import Error

#1: This could be from not having the correct DLL files for MTP connections. It's much faster and easier to transfer the videos using a USB/SD adapter. This also allows the SD to be seen as a drive instead of a device, so connections are more solid and give you more options.

#2: This might be related to you having currently having files on your SD card. After transferring the files over to your computer, perform a Full format of the SD card. Once done, download and extract the manual update to your computer. After extracting the UPDATE folder, copy this to the SD card. Make sure it's the UPDATE folder and not

Eject the card and then insert it into your camera. Power on the camera using the side Mode/power button. Once the update is complete, go to preference and format your SD card in the camera. Take a couple pictures and a short video. Try connecting your camera again to the computer (if this is your preferred method). For some reason, some computers just don't work well this way, so you might want to just use an USB/SD adapter. I personally find it faster and easier and never do a direct camera to computer connection.