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HERO5 Black Downloading to iMac GoPro Quik App Problem

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Using the GoPro Quik app on my new iMac I'm having an issue with downloading files from my HERO5 Black camera.  The screen just shows "Initializing Import" when I select import files.  This screen stays on for a long time.  Sometimes when I cancel the import I notice some files are downloaded and sometimes they are not.  


I'm using a SansDisk 128 GB V30 disk and a SansDisk 64 GB V10.  Both disks had the same issue.  I formated them via the camera prior to using them.  I also used a card reader and found that some files were downloadable and some stated they couldn't be copied from the disk.  I was trying to transfer the .mp4 files. I had the camera set to a low resolution so I could get 5 hours on the 64 GB disk and 11 hours on the 128 GB disk.


I've been using the camera to record for several hours at a time (5 and 8 hours) straight.  It separated the files into 27 minute increments.  


My iMac is a 27" 2019 model, 3.7 GHz, 6 core Intel Core i5, 64 GB RAM, running OS 10.15.6. 

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Re: HERO5 Black Downloading to iMac GoPro Quik App Problem

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Update: I let the downloading continue for a couple of hours.  The files were transfered and the GoPro app went back to the original screen.  The files were all downloaded to the app.  I gues the GoPro Quik app doesn't actually show the blue thermometer line moving to the right as files are downloaded and finally completed.  It just stays on the "Initializing Import" screen.  I can live with that.


I'm assuming the issue of copying the mp4 files using a card reader was the 64 GB disk was totally full or it was just a disk error.


The new 128 GB disk worked fine.

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Re: HERO5 Black Downloading to iMac GoPro Quik App Problem

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Thanks for sharing @kenw12

Feel free to post back if something comes up.