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HERO Session - Won't respond to any input and keeps warming up.

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As title says, my HERO Session won't respond to any external input. No amount of holding down buttons and plugging into wall/pc won't make it wake up. 


I used it today to film for nearly an hour, brought it home and tried to take the footage off onto my pc, during this process the visual on the display and the red LED both switched off and since I have no response from it. Though I've cooled it down by keeping it in a dry environment in my fridge it has started to warm up - not hot but definitely above room temperature after I removed it.


I've tried reading forum posts and suggestions from the GoPro support staff but everything has come up short. The only thing I haven't tried is a manual software update, but seeing as I watched the moment it turned off I thought that wouldn't be the case, but I'm not in any position to say that wouldn't work.


Give it to my straight, has it died? If anyone can think of anything that I could try I'd be eternally grateful. If anyone would like any further information to help a diagnosis fire away. Thanks for reading!

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Re: HERO Session - Won't respond to any input and keeps warming up.

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Hi @dnjkgan,


Please try to run a manual firmware update.

If issue persist please contact our customer support team via phone or chat.