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HERO SESSION 5 - update problem - freeze camera in 1/2 with a "forbitten symbol " and red light on



( PORTUGUESE) travou na atualizacao 1/2 e nao funciona mais...nao passa para a fase 2/2 e aparece um simbolo de proibido seguindo de uma flecha apontada para um simbolo que parece a parte da frente da camera...nao sai desta tela... tentei ja a atualizacao manual atraves do sd card fazendo o download do update mas segue travada.. estou no 3 dia tentanto contato pelo suporte e dz iz que todos os agentes estao contactando outros consuumidores




( ENGLISH) freeze in update 1/2, doesnt work anymore...just freeze with a forbitten symblon .. i have already tried manual update.. doesnt work as well.. im in the 3 day trying to contact the suport but no aswer... just show the mensagem that all the agents are attending other custmores.. garbage website and suport..


someone can help me?/

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Re: HERO SESSION 5 - update problem - freeze camera in 1/2 with a "forbitten symbol " and red lig...

Hello @brunof06645. Sorry to hear about the trouble. How did you contact Support? Were you getting any error message? Make sure that you do so during the hours of operation indicated on the contact page. If you haven't done it yet, try accessing the page through a different device, use Google Chrome or an incognito browser. You may also change the location to the US to get connected. Let us know how it goes.