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HERO SESSION 4 no wifi reset

My Hero Session 4 will not connect to the app. It says my password is wrong. I tried to reset the wifi according to the online instructions. The first instruction says to hold the INFO/WIFI button for 8 seconds and the WIFI reset will pop up. When I hold my INFO/WIFI it does not pop up a reset. It goes to the video settings and I can scroll through camera settings, app, etc. But nowhere does it have reset wifi.

I also tried the default goprohero password but when I put it in it gives me a red error box which says I cant use goprohero as a password.

Any clue as to what is wrong? Or how to fix it?
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Re: HERO SESSION 4 no wifi reset

@heroicstok47201, typically, the connection issue between the camera and GoPro App can be resolved by resetting the Wi-Fi settings. There are some troubleshooting steps at that will help resolve the problem. 


If the issue persists, our Support team will be able to assist you with the next steps. You may reach them by phone or live chat through