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HERO 9 Serious stabilisation and focus issues

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Hi everyone,


I am new to the GoPro community, this being my first camera ever purchased. I have a GoPro Hero 9 Black and I have messed around with the settings, but I can't seem to escape a serious issue I'm having with stabilisation/camera shake/focus. I use the GoPro for walking tours and sometimes vlogging, and whenever I do so there is little to no stabilisation, and some serious blurring/out of focus moments when the camera moves a little bit. I am not doing extreme sports, literally just walking, and the stabilisation/shake issues make the video worse than I could take on my iPhone. It is quite unusable for my current purpose and I really don't know how to fix it.


I'd also say it's definitely not just happening in low light, although it can be worse in that sitution.


You can see the issues here:


Here I've also listed the settings the video was taken with here:


RES/FPS: 4k/60

Lens: Linear + HL

HyperSmooth: On

Bit rate: High

Shutter: Auto

White Balance: Auto

ISO Min: 100

ISO Max: 200

Sharpness: High

Color: GoPro


I've tried many variations of these, including 'Boost' on and 1080p, lower FPS etc, all have the same issue. Any help is appreciated!!

Issues with GoPro Hero 9
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Re: HERO 9 Serious stabilisation and focus issues

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Increase your ISO min value, manually increase your shutter speed and that will help with the stabilization issues in low light.


Your best solution is in low light to disable hypersmooth altogether and use a gimbal.