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HERO 7 freez too often and sometime won't start

Hi ,


I have this HERO 7 since 3o days or so and isn't working properlly since.


Sometimes it is freezing right after I turn it on. The display remain frozen. The only work around is to remove the battery.

Sometimes it is freezing while is on and same work around is to remove the battery. 

Most of the time it does not turn on  and again I have to remove the battery to be able to turnit on.


However , it does not freeze while I'm activelly using it , i.e. recorging , taking photo , etc.

I use a SD SabDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB.

The battery is always over 50% charged so we may exclude the power , right?


I know is to late to returnit it but can be changed however ?




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Re: HERO 7 freez too often and sometime won't start

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @fvass. Good to know that freezing never occurs when the camera is doing something, but you should not be experiencing freezing as you described. There are troubleshooting steps here that will help clear the issue. If it persists, our Support team will be able to walk you through further troubleshooting. You may reach them through