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HERO 7 Black GPS data is totally wrong

So i've made probably 50 or so videos driving an ATV.

I turn the camera on and let it sit for 5 minutes etc before moving/recording.

EXACTLY ZERO of the videos, when I try to add the gauges for MPH are correct.

Usually it shows me going say... 30 mph.. and that just steadily creeps up throughout the entire video.

It is exactly 0% accurate in any way -- and this is totally insane for a $399 "version 7" camera.

I've seen other postings along these lines.

So -- GOPRO -- does your camera work EVEN ONE PERCENT correctly or was this a giant waste of my money?

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Re: HERO 7 Black GPS data is totally wrong

Hi @graycave83754


We have received reports regarding GPS on Quik for desktop.
This has been reported to the team and they are working on it.
In the mean time, you may use the GoPro app or Quik for mobile to overlay telemetry.
Other users also suggest RaceRender or Dashware.