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HERO 6 Video Time Lapse Bug

I believe I have run into a bug with the video time lapse mode on the GoPro HERO 6. Would someone be willing to do a fairly quick test to see if it could be a common problem, or if it's just my camera? I did a lot of tests and troubleshooting over the weekend and found that my time lapse videos are always getting broken into 3m:34s clips when using 4K (or 3m:34s & 0m:01s clips when using 2.7K or 1080p). These clips are nowhere near the 4GB limit used for chaptering. (I tested with every resolution using 0.5s, 1s, 2s, & 5s intervals, and all of these had the same result.) If this is a bug or common issue, it would be helpful to have more evidence from other users if I do contact support about this.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Put camera into video time lapse mode. Any resolution or interval will work, but 0.5 second intervals will be the quickest.

2) Record for an hour or more so that you have more than 3m:34s of time lapse footage.

3) Upload the time lapse video to your computer.


Are your videos broken up into 3m:34s clips (or 3m:34s & 0m:01s clips if doing 2.7K or 1080p)? Or is the time lapse video one continuous clip?


Some things I've tried to fix this with no luck:

  • Reformatted SD card (using a SanDisk Extreme 64GB card)
  • Reset camera settings
  • Reset camera to factory defaults
  • Manually reinstalling the latest firmware (1.60)
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Re: HERO 6 Video Time Lapse Bug

I tested this for you in my camera. Yes, the videos are chaptered at 3:34. Apparently this is by design so no amount of reformatting, resetting, or firmware updates will change it.

If you want the videos to run longer you'll just have to merge them in an editor.