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HERO 5/6/7 Shutter Speed Gap between 1/125s and 2s in PHOTO mode

I have GoPro HERO5 black and HERO7 black.


I would like to shot panoramas using GoPro cameras. Shot multiple and stitch later on. Should keep the same exposure parameters between shots.


These two camera both have exposure lock. But when in exposure lock mode , the ISO limited is set to N/A automatically. 

I want to maintain ISO 100 to get the highest quality photos, but now I can not do that.


Let us say that do not use exposure lock while maunally setting the shutter speed. 

In PHOTO mode , the longest shutter speed is 1/125s while in NIGHT PHOTO mode , the shortest shutter speed is 2s.


GoPro have fix aperture of f2.8 , so during the best moment of sunrise or sunset ,

I usually need

1/15s - 1s shutter speed 

ISO 100 fixed

f 2.8 

in order to get the highest quality from GoPro.


Well , is there any solutions to my problem ? And why the longest shutter speed is 1/125s in normal PHOTO mode?

Will GoPro fix the shutter speed Gap in the future?