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HELP sd card error hero 4 silver

I have some issues with my hero 4 silver camera. Every time i try to make a timelapse the camera cuts out and gives me a warning saying 'sd card error'.
So i bought a new sd card of the recomendation list because i thought i had the wrond sd card. It is a sandisk extreme 64gb. But the camera still cuts out.

The camera has the latest update and ive formatted the card as well.
Does anyone know what i could do to solve this problem?..
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Re: HELP sd card error hero 4 silver

Hi @timd581,


It does sound like you have gone through most of the troubleshooting. I would run through these steps one more time to see if we can get that camera working.




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Re: HELP sd card error hero 4 silver

I have had the same issue.  The problem is that I have been recording with two Sandisk Ultra 65GB SD cards for almost 10 months with no issues and now all of a sudden I am having the issue.  I have done all troubleshooting steps 5 or 6 times and still have the error.  I am not buying new SD cards just to see if that fixes the issue when I've had no problems until recvently and suddenly.  This has to be an error with the software in the camera.  Unfortuantely I was considering a second GoPro 4 Sivler and am now having to film my YouTube footage with another camera and my Cell phone.  Dissappointing.  If you have any suggestions other than just replace the SD card I am all ears and would be happy to download a software update if available.  

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Re: HELP sd card error hero 4 silver

I had the same issue as well! I have 2 different types of SD cards, one that isnt on the "recommended list" and one that is from SanDisk extreme 32g. I've done time lapses before but it had been a while and it problem started to occur almost a month ago now.


it will take about 15-30 frames before stopping but i restarted the go pro to get another 15-30 frames out of desperation...

I've switched between both sd cards and followed all the steps for both.