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Re: HELP! I just want out!

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I understand the frustration, @timmarshgopro. I'd feel the same way if I'm in your shoe and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. As previously mentioned, it is unusual for a replacement camera to manifest the same issue and this certain situation is something that I haven't run across with before. We definitely want to help out as best as we can in order to get to the bottom of this. I will be sure to notify the team currently investigating your case.


Again, your time and patience throughout the process are very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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Re: HELP! I just want out!

Thank you, Ann. Finally we see someone from GoPro chiming in.


However, with four cameras and the 5th on it's way, I'be be hard pressed to accept your comments. Every customer service rep I've spoken to has stated the same company line, "we promise every camera that leaves is thoroughly checked for utmost quality". And yet, here I am with five cameras within 3 months. And if you read your own company owned support forum you see customer after customer after customer reporting the same issue with nary a response from GoPro, aside from the few that respond with the same message, "our products are great and this is not normal". HA. Until GoPro actually takes a stand on this matter your customer$ are left with the assumption that the Hero 7 has been completely abandoned by GoPro support in lieu of the Hero 8 that you are surely spending all your time preparing for release. I for one can assure you I will not be buying a Hero 8, 9 or 10. I suspect by then you'll be out of business as competitors are finally entering your marketplace. 


I truly hope the next camera works perfectly but recent statistics likely proves othewise. Good luck to me because all we have now is the hope of luck in getting a working camera. 


I do appreciate your response.