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HDMI hero 7 black 3 4 seconds delay with hypersmooth

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Hi this question has been asked before and was going to looked into but no further updates are given
The HDMI output has a huge delay when having on hypersmooth I was wondering if it's not possible to have a unprocessed mode just for HDMI output like the backscreen has no delay. I use the hero 7 black on a UAV but sometimes the gimbal lets me down in higher winds which the hypersmooth deals with it perfectly but my video has a huge delay so when filming moving objects it's hard to predict movements.

Thanks in advance
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Re: HDMI hero 7 black 3 4 seconds delay with hypersmooth

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The GoPro does a huge amount of post processing after the image is captured and before the file is written to the SD Card.  When outputting to HDMI the captured image has to be processed even more to give the image the best look possible and make it compatible with display devices (rather than being written directly to the card, it's now doing double the work, writting and displaying)..


To have a direct output with no lag would require rebuilding the physical hardware of the camera and bypassing several hardware processing componants.  


So nothing will change with the GoPro Hero 7 or 8 in this regard but you should submit your suggestion using the "Feedback" option at the bottom of the page and this may be considered for future GoPro releases if the demand is big enough.