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HDMI Quality output GoPro Hero 7 Black or Hero 6 Black

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Hi Guys,

For a specific setup I am forced to use a gopro with an externel recorder. I know that the HDMI output is 1080P but the idea is that I will put the GoPro in 2.7K and zoom in a bit to obtain a closer shot in 1080p without quality loss (The zooming is mandatory for the shot). 

My question:
The 1080p output from the HDMI, is it the zoomed 2.7K image downscaled to 1080p
is the output just a 1080p image that has been zoomed in so in fact it would be an image that isnt native 1080p anymore but upscaled like you would record internal in 1080p and have been zooming in? 

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Re: HDMI Quality output GoPro Hero 7 Black or Hero 6 Black

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HI @xlv005


All lower resolution modes share similar image quality attributes as the higher resolution versions.  For example, 1440-60 is a scaled-down version of 2.7K 4:3-60. 1080-60 is a scaled-down version of 2.7K-60.  The benefit of shooting lower resolution is mostly about SD card size and computer/mobile compatibility.


You may also check for reference.




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Re: HDMI Quality output GoPro Hero 7 Black or Hero 6 Black

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@aragon1006, this does not answer the question at all.  The question is specifically about using the HDMI output on the GoPro.  For instance, I have personally chosen a GoPro Hero 7 Black to use as a camera for streaming live content on Twitch.


To phrase the question again, if you zoom in on the GoPro before connecting it to your computer, is the resulting image still 1080p, or would it have the same result as zooming in with software afterwards?  With the latter, zooming in would cause a substantial loss in resolution, so this question is important.


To @xlv005 and anyone else coming across this question as I have when searching, my own testing indicates that the resulting zoomed image is in fact full 1080p, however I'd personally like an official answer to be more sure about it.