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H6B battery drain since FW 1.61

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i use my H6B on a daily basis as a dashcam, however since the FW1.61 update the battery is terrible. I have a 30min drive in the morning to work, 8hrs at work then the same 30min drive back. However I can't even get out of the car park when going home before it turns off with a flat battery, used to last fine beforehand. I've even tried turning off the wifi today, but didn't even do the morning trip before turning off. 


Its charged every night via a mains-usb plug, again nothing has changed & it was happy with this pre-update. I don't think its relevant, but settings are gps on, protune off, 4k@30fps, stability off, voice control on but voice on off (hope that makes sense) wifi is normally on. Card is a Lexar 633x 128gb. Was always ok with FW 1.00


did notice yesterday when I turned it off that both front & rear screen stayed on for almost a minute before it fully shut down, even tho the buttons were disabled