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H5b screen black when connected to usb cable

Wanted to watch the content on my H5b on my tv. Bought the correct cable , connected it and the live image comes up on the tv, but the touchscreen goes black . How am I supposed to be able to choose what to watch or see photos?

I have tried running my finger across the screen ( like trying to access menus)... nothing . Mode button beeps, etc like it’s cycling modes... but if u can’t see anything.. how r u supposed to choose it?

Any help would b great
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Re: H5b screen black when connected to usb cable


Hi @swiftpike80310,


Sorry to know that.


Is there any indicator on the top corner of your screen that indicates you can use the buttons to navigate?


The side button is for navigation and the shutter button is for confirmation.






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Re: H5b screen black when connected to usb cable

No.... after googling, people have said the H5b screen does go black when hooked up to a tv thru hdmi. They say that swiping the screen, the touchscreen still works .. even though u can’t see it. Mine doesn’t... still think it’s odd that it goes dark.. since it’s the main way to control the camera