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Héro 7 problèmes affichage clé a molette

Bonsoir, je suis nouveau sur le site, je viens d'acquérir une gopro hero7 et je surf avec, mais au bout d'un certains temps dans l'eau j'ai une clé a molette qui s affiche sur l'écran lcd, et je ne sais pas pourquoi..

J'ai besoin de vos lumières..
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Re: Héro 7 problèmes affichage clé a molette

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Hello @sunnycave56818


When the camera is recording and the screen is pressed (intentionally or accidentally probably due to incidental water waves), the option for auto exposure appears. Since the Auto Exposure is a setting, the wrench icon appears on the front screen. Closing (ex-ing out of) the feature makes the wrench icon disappear. To prevent this from happening while surfing, you can opt to turn on or activate the Lock Screen feature. 


When the Lock Screen is on, you will still be able to navigate through the camera through the following steps:

To change Modes (video, picture, time lapse) press the side Mode/power button when the camera is not recording.
To access settings, Press the Mode/power button and shutter when the camera is not recording and the settings menu will display on the front LCD.
To unlock the rear LCD, turn the camera on (if not already on) and swipe down on the rear LCD and choose unlock.


Hope this helps. 


Best regards, 


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Re: Héro 7 problèmes affichage clé a molette

hi all,


I was able to reproduce the behavior.


lock screen is indeed the solution.


have a good one!



Uploaded by Robert Kirr on 2018-12-31.
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Re: Héro 7 problèmes affichage clé a molette


We appreciate you trying out the suggested step @robert1326

Thank you also for sharing a reference video.