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Gropro 7 einschicken

Hallo hat jemand eine Adresse an die ich meine Gopro senden kann, ich versuchen schon seit tagen den Support aus dem ausland zu erreichen leider vergebens, seit Wochenende wieder in Deutschland und seit 8:10 Uhr versuche ich anzurufen ständig konnt nicht erreichbar und Chat auch nicht obwohl erreichbar ab 08:00 uhr ausgewiesen wird.

Ich finde auch keine e-mail adresse. ;(

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Re: Gropro 7 einschicken

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This is a World wide member to member  On-line forum.  ANyone will reply with  the info you are asking for at their region, since you are in Germany lets say. and you have NO CLUE   how to find the resources. lets see what I can do for you?


its what time there today that I must look up  1:40PM as I type so at 4:PM your time call GoPro at the North AMerican time Pacific coast time on CHAT  and change that GLOBE to US English.


+49 800 1838185 (Toll Free)


You should get t oGoPro  they are first opening up .  For the Address of warranty:

These are the three Sites of  Returns:



GoPro Returns
14530 Innovation Drive
Riverside, CA 92518
GoPro Returns
Smakterweg 100
5804 AM Venray
The Netherlands
GoPro Returns
51 Ubi Avenue 3
Singapore 408858


All this information is at your Finger tips, do send in your camera and YOU WON'T GET it SERVICED!!!!


If you Bipass GoPro's RMA services what do you think will happen, get it fixed, and sent back to you???   hope this helped you out and let us know  how that went?


Please Chat to a GoPro Agent, Please get a RMA, Please write it down, and  have proof of purchase, a photo, a email address and do not hang up till  the RMA is sent on chat. then  Only Ship the shell of the camera, no bat no sd card no  cables nothing else, pkg as securly as you can,  to the proper address insured, and  wait paitnetly for the pkg to return.  in a Brown container, all NEW  and Enjoy your camera.