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Green and laggy videoes

I own a gopro 5 black, and almost every video i have, the videoes lag and sometimes green filter is all over the videoes.

Its on everyone, I have a 128gb micro sd card that transfer 90/mbs every secound. and  have tried other sd cards.

its been like this forever, any solutions?

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Re: Green and laggy videoes

I would say its  the sd card impropper speed, and unsupported card.

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Re: Green and laggy videoes

Listing the cards makes it much easier to identify if it might be the source of the problem. Transfer speed is not the same thing as write speed and is a useless value when determining the suitability of a SD card. Additionally, the numbers advertised are the max values in a controlled lab. SD cards very rarely can hit those numbers in real life. Another factor is the size of the card. The larger the storage capacity the more degradation you get in performance and a greater chance for error. Unless you are plugging into a power bank, anything greater than 64GB is rarely needed and usually 32GB is more than enough.